3 Most Critical Advantages of Endovenous Laser Ablation and why it is becoming so popular

If there are multiple procedures to perform a particular treatment, then, three most critical reasons why doctors select one treatment over others are:

High Success rate, Low recurrence rate, and High Patient comfort

Obviously there could be many other reasons like cost involved, expertise, supporting infrastructure etc.

But the first three factors stands top on the whole list of parameters.

Probably the reason why Endovenous Laser Ablation EVLA (also known as EVLT, EVLT, ELVes, VeinSeal, depending on the manufacturer of the laser.) is now amongst the most popular and widely used technique to treat Varicose Veins.

In fact tremendous numbers of doctors are now switching to EVLA over other traditional methods.

Here’s below 6 reasons:

Why Endovenous Laser Ablation is becoming so Popular?

For your safety and safety of patients’ device must have an intelligent protective system. For example:

  • High Success Rate –
    With EVLA, doctors have seen the success rate as high as 98.1%. This instantly pulls your patient to a higher patient satisfaction index and gives you superiority over other distinguished practitioner. There are numerous studies on the open source that talks about the superiority of endogenous laser ablation
  • Low Recurrence :Diode laser gives you much more precision and accuracy thus treatment is effective.
  • Lesser Treatment Time & Faster Recovery :– EVLA take less than an hour. You (and your patient) save tremendous time. Recovery is excellent. The patient can walk post treatment and resume his normal activity soon. Lesser collateral damage to neighboring tissues helps recovery fast.
  • Less Post-Operative Problem:Minimally-invasive surgical procedure preventing damage to nearby tissues and with lesser bruising, and numbness and post operative pain.
  • Cosmetically Preferential Procedure :– just a minute nick in the skin and a needle is inserted into the saphenous vein. Thus minimal invasion and no scars. Patient, without an inch of doubt, would want to have a treatment with minimal scars.
  • OPD Procedure :performed under Local anesthesia.

You may see the comparison of ELVA with other surgical and non surgical procedures

Though every treatment procedures has its advantages and limitation both, however certain procedure like EVLA gives you immediate edge over safety, precision and effectiveness. Turning it to be more advisable both for doctors and patients.

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