Laser Treatment Only Way to Ease Piles or Hemorrhoids

Many people believe that eating fibrous food, sticking to regular exercises, cycling then they will not develop piles or hemorrhoids yet this is the fantasy. Despite healthy diet still, there are chances of getting piles. Developing hemorrhoids is such a painful and makes a person uncomfortable for a considerable length of time. Changing lifestyles and home remedies will not give satisfactory results to comfort the pain. With the progression in medicines and technology, multiple treatment options are available to cure piles, yet the decision is yours. More likely, in the modern era, laser treatment is a helpful and easy way to ease hemorrhoids distress.

What is the right laser?

Best suited laser to use is Lasotronix 980 nm laser. It is portable, light-weight diode laser machine. To carry out the procedure, you need to give local anesthesia to your patients. This world-class laser machine is available at an affordable cost and requires less operative expenses. Here you can pre-set the programs as per your treatment plan. The device has large touch-screen LED display for easy monitoring. Along with this, the laser machine allows the data storage facility where you can store patient history and treatment performance.

What happens in Laser treatment?

The laser is quite famous among all the procedure as it is painless and gives quick recovery. It is modern technological outcome efficiently manages multiple disorders in less time. During the process, doctor wears a particular type of goggle to protect eyes. Then doctor uses optic fiber to pass through the anal opening. By using laser energy, they destroy the hemorrhoid mass formed in your anus. The method seals the blood vessels present in the rectal area and causes the shrinkage of hemorrhoid tissue. After this process no foreign material left in the body.

Why opt for laser hemorrhoids/ piles surgery?

Nowadays many doctors are recommending this treatment procedure for their patients. The method is effective against Grade I – III piles. There are several reasons for choosing laser treatments for Piles besides other conventional treatment options.
  • The laser treatment is easy procedure from doctors and patients point of view.
  • The method eliminates the excessive bleeding during surgery.
  • The technique gives less pre and post-operative pain to your patient.
  • By implementing laser, you can delete hemorrhoid prolapsed tissue permanently.
  • The method proffers fast recovery, and hence you can discharge your patient on the same day of the procedure.
  • The will not produce any post-operative medical complications in the patient.
  • The method is precise and will not create significant scars or tissue damage on the patient body.
  • laser device is easy to handle although n complicated cases of piles.
  • The laser treatment is useful for patients having any age and gender.

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