Lasotronix Laser Device for ENT

Lasotronix Revolution in the Field of ENT Treatments

Are you using the most scientifically advanced techniques for treating Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) treatments? Or are you still stuck to adopting the age-old methods of ENT treatments?

Lasotronix revolutionizes the way otolaryngologists have been approaching the ENT disorders, mainly by making the procedures minimally invasive and highly precise. It is a known fact that ENT laser surgery is not new to the otolaryngology circles. In fact, already there are three types of laser devices being used: CO2 lasers, Argon lasers and ND-YAG lasers.

What makes the Lasotronix Smart M laser diode so extraordinary is that it combines the advantages of the all the three lasers into one compact device. How?

  • Coagulation effect at par with the Argon lasers
  • Ability to cut through tissues equivalent to that of the CO2 laser
  • Higher degree of absorption than the ND-YAG laser

Therefore, it can be safely said that the Lasotronix Smart M laser diode is powerful device that improves quality of the treatment of the ENT, while maximizing its efficiency. There is proven reduction in chances of recurrence and better treatment results.

The Lasotronix Smart M 980 nm is the most suitable for ENT Applications as the laser energy from this wavelength is just enough to ensure highly precise cutting and coagulation, along with careful and accurate tissue vaporization.

Applications of Laser in ENT

Ear / Ontology
  • Paracentesis
  • Mucosa Hyperplasia
  • Stapes Surgery
  • Removal of cholesteatoma cysts
  • Accessory auricle
  • Tumors of the inner ear
  • Hemangioma
  • Myringotomy
  • Cholesteatoma
  • Tympanitis
Endoscopy / Micro Endoscopy
  • Eustachian tube
  • Lacrimal passages
  • Saliva way
  • Micro otology
  • Micro sinus surgery
  • Nasal Polyp and Rhinitis
  • Turbinate treatment
  • Turbinate treatment
  • Septum spur
  • Septum deformation
  • Cysts & Mucoceles
  • Epistaxis
  • Stenosis & Synechia
  • Sinus Surgery
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
  • Laser-assisted Eustachian Tuboplasty (LETP) with Special Micro-endoscope
  • Nasal Sinus Surgery
  • Tonsillotomy, Tonsillectomy and Laser-assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP)
Throat/Oral/Larynx Surgery
  • Polypectomy in area of vocal ligaments
  • Polyps and Papilloma resection
  • Epistaxis treatment
  • Laryngeal carcinoma
  • Cysts, mucous cysts
  • DCR treatment/Lacrimal surgery
  • Removal of stenosis in lacrimalis
  • Synechia, stenosis in endonasal structures
  • Tumor, Granuloma resection
  • Hemangiomas
  • Morbus Osier
  • Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP)
  • Tonsillotomy
  • Glossectomy
  • Vocal cord polyps
  • Epiglottectomy
  • Strictures

Application Techniques

Unique Laser Technology

The Lasotronix Smart M 15 W device is ideal for both contact and non-contact mode surgeries.

  • In the contact mode, the laser tip is in direct contact with the targeted tissue. This mode is preferable for tissue vaporization and photocoagulation. While the low power mode settings help achieve coagulation, the higher power bands help undertake vaporization.
  • In the non-contact or near-contact mode, the tip of the laser fiber remains at several millimeters away from the tissue and is ideal for tissue photocoagulation.

Irrespective of the modes, the Lasotronix Smart M 15 W device can be used for interstitial laser-induced thermotherapy. This is a minimally invasive method of treating both malignant and benign tumors. The laser device is placed on the holes punctured on the skin so that the local tissues can absorb the energy. This hyper thermic state causes either immediate or delayed tissue necrosis via coagulation.

Most of the cases in the clinic are handled by administering a topical anesthetic and a decongestant spray to the nasal cavity. However, the micro laryngeal surgery needs general anesthesia with special flexi-metallic tube to prevent a fire hazard.

  • It can be used in contact mode, in which the tip of the fiber is placed directly on the surface of the tissue. This mode is effective for both photocoagulation and vaporization of tissue, depending on the power density. At the low- or mid-power range, coagulation occurs; at a higher level, vaporization occurs.
  • The laser can be used in near-contact mode, in which the tip of the fiber remains several millimeters apart from the tissue. This mode is largely used for tissue photo coagulation.
  • The laser can be used for interstitial laser-induced thermotherapy, a minimally invasive method of treating both benign and malignant tumors. The laser is placed through puncture holes in the skin, and its energy is absorbed by local tissues. This hyperthermic state causes either immediate or delayed tissue necrosis via coagulation.
  • In the clinic most cases can be done after administering a topical anesthetic and a decongestant spray to the nasal cavity, but micro laryngeal surgery needs General anesthesia with special fleximetalic tube to prevent fire hazard.

What is the preferred wavelength for ENT treatments?

For ENT treatments, Lasotronix Smart M comes with two wavelengths: 980 nm and 1470 nm. As seen on the chart, the absorption coefficient is higher for hemoglobin than for water for 980 nm radiation.

However, the situation is the reverse in case of 1470 nm – the water absorbs the radiation better than hemoglobin. Both these media are components of human tissue, including tissues surrounded by cysts.

The Lasotronix Smart M 980 nm radiation laser device has been widely used for ENT for 15 years whereas the Lasotronix Smart M 1470 nm has been found ideal for cyst removal. The Lasotronix Smart M comes in a dual wavelength model of 980/1470 nm which makes for a useful device for distinct procedures and safe wavelengths to ensure minimal surround damage.

Advantages of Using Laser Technology in ENT over Other Surgical Methods

The Lasotronix Smart M device has the following advantages, resulting in high quality treatment, high patient satisfaction and helping you establish your unique proposition as a medical practitioner:

  • High Efficiency: The Lasotronix Smart M laser diode comes with high accuracy and precision, and ability to reach in not-easily-accessible areas. The focused narrow beam creates a very high-intensity light, helping you to target accurately on tiny areas, for very precise surgical work.
  • Better Control: Release of energy in a controlled and highly accurate manner helps in smart tissue management for treating delicate anatomy and preservation of healthy tissue.
  • Minimal Blood Loss: Precisely focused light beam supports a neater and easier cut through human tissue than a scalpel. This results in reduced bleeding, swelling, scarring, pain, and length of the recovery period.
  • Minimal disturbance to structures, nerves, and tissue: Consistent light beam prevents unnecessary incision and gives off the same amount of energy from one second to the next. This prevents an accidental deeper incision that could happen with a scalpel.
  • Saves time: Lesser operating time – an outpatient treatment, in fact – because the precision of laser allows for a smaller incision. Almost eliminates the necessity for the patient to stay in the hospital longer than required.
  • Sterilized Procedure: Heat produced by laser sterilizes the surgical site keeping the site free of germs reducing the risk of infection.

Less post-operative pain: Laser beam doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue, skin or organ because human tissue is a poor conductor of heat.

Why Choose Lasotronix Smart Pro?

  • Most Cost Effective: World-class laser technology at a far competitive price in the market.
  • Easy to Handle: Comes with a sleek handy suitcase, tools to set up a quick workstation, foot pedal, and all supporting accessories. Can be easily carried along anywhere as required.
  • Preset Procedures and Customized Programs: Lasotronix Smart M diode laser have inbuilt preset programs. Also, it is possible to customize the programs as per the treatment plans.
  • Large Touch-Screen LCD Multilingual Display: Large LCD Screen which displays detailed information of chosen procedure (power, time of work and energy) for easy monitoring & smooth functioning.
  • Low Operating Cost: Lasotronix Smart M 980 15 W laser diode runs on very less operating cost.
  • Security: Features like Emergency laser Stop button, Error warning Alerts to indicate missing optic fiber, open interlock, and so on help pinpoint exact problem.
  • Patient Data Storage: Easy to access patient database where patient records are easy to store and retrieve quickly without unnecessary delays.

Lasotronix 980 nm SMART PRO

Lasotronix Smart PRO 980 nm – Download Brochure

Accessories For Laser in ENT

Radial Fiber
Foot Switch
Protective Eye Glass
2.5 Kg Device
Touch Screen Panel
Complete Set : Laser & Accessories
Smart Key -for Patient Database
Convenient Carrying Case

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