6 Parameters You Must Evaluate Before You Invest on a Laser Device for Endovenous Laser Ablation or Laser hemorrhoidectomy

Now that you have decided to use Medical Laser technology to treat Varicose Veins, or Hemorrhoids and Fistula- here’s below the six important factors you must evaluate to make an investment.
Adherence to Council Directive requirements
The design and manufacturing process of the medical laser device, must be adapted to the requirements formulated in the Council Directive concerning medical devices (MDD). Plus must also meet, safety and health requirements of Directive on machinery and Directive on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Robust In-built Safety and Protection system
For your safety and safety of patients’ device must have an intelligent protective system. For example:
  • Control operating processor During system startup, the processor executes the test program, and during the further action automatically controls the operating parameters of the entire device.
  • User Identification : Laser should not start without it identifies the user
  • Emergency Laser Stop : An emergency stop button to immediately cut the power of the laser in any irregularity.
  • Remote Interlock Connector:Laser should not run without a proper connection of a remote door lock (interlock).
  • Fiber Detection :A built-in optic detection system of the fiber prevents the emission of radiation, if it is not properly connected fiber.
  • Detection of the footswitch :Sensor should not allow to run the device or emits the radiation, if it is not properly connected with the footswitch.
  • Warning signals : During emission of laser radiation, device should emits a warning beep
  • Alarm signals : In case of irregularities the device emits the alarming signal and the screen alert message should appear with information about the type of error.
Smoothness of Operation
The device must be easy to monitor and function smoothly. Inbuilt pre-set programs and option to customize programs, large screen to display information about parameter of chosen procedure (power, time of work and energy) and other such functions help you to operate the device smoothly
The device must be light weight and easy to carry along, much more important when you travel other locations to perform treatment.
Investment Involved
Obviously there are high returns to perform EVLA, however there’s a certain good initial investment. Companies like Lasotronix offers you the world class technology at far competitive price
Availability of Fibers
It has been seen that sometime Doctors have to wait for couple of weeks or even a month to receive the fresh supply of fibers. This causes trouble to the doctors as well the patients. Availability of fibers on time helps you to perform treatment on time and not lose an impatient patient. Besides above six you should also consider factors like warranty, after sales service and right-time delivery of machine.

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