Dr. Kanhaiya Chandak

Proctology is a common disease afflicting a great percentage of the population and constantly on an upsurge. With the introduction of Lasotronix Laser, all the younger surgeons are now facing a much easier life because of their adaptability to newer techniques. mentor or the promoter is greatly knowledgeable of every aspect of the laser devices.

They are open to all queries and accessible at all times to answer any queries. They have developed an innovative technique of their own, which is easy to implement, thus ensuring success rate. Their one-day training program is more than enough as a crash course in the subject.

All the cases with varied complexities are explained well in course of the program, providing the right mix of learning and experience. As far the devices are concerned, they have all the pre-programmed settings for Grade 2, 3, 4 haemorrhoids, fissures, anal fistula of all types, and pilonidal sinus.

The devices have been significantly useful in reducing the recovery period so that the patients are able to resume their normal activity, the very next day in most cases. The relapse is almost negligible. Considering the advantages offered, the devices are reasonably priced. Lasotronix is clearly the brand leader in the segment. Now is the best time to accept this amazingly easy and comfortable technology. Or else be left behind in the trending practice.