Dr. Mukund Thakur

Proctology – the “bottom” disease – has been a bane of many surgeons’ practise. However, with the introduction of Lasers, this field is undergoing rapid growth and seen far better results. The laser devices are easy to use because of all the procedure settings available at fingertips.

Not to mention, the ease of availability of all the accessories – right from the fibres to the smaller disposables like the probes – makes the Lasotronix company a reliable partner for the treatment of proctological maladies. Their backup service is excellent, and the technicians know their subject well enough to answer any query that may come their way.

Lasotronix is always looking for a positive solution to make the devices convenient for the doctors to buy and use. Lasotronix organizes the best Laser training programs for Proctology in India. Especially in South India, these programs are led by a very capable person who organises the training schedule at rapid intervals, making the doctors feel noticed and comfortable. I wish Lasotronix all the best.