Dr. Rajeev N. Palvia

Proctology is the study of the most common of the diseases, the “bottom” disease. Now I can safely say that almost 70% of the population is definitely in the safe hands with the introduction of Lasers with the launch of Lasotronix.

These laser devices have definitely made the lives of surgeons easier. With pre-programmed settings for Grade-2, -3 and -4 Haemorrhoids, fissures, anal fistula and all types of pilonidal sinuses, all the maladies can be treated easily with their lasers.

The application of laser devices also reduces the recovery period, and the patients are able to resume their normal activity after the procedure. In most cases, even from the next day.

The relapse is practically negligible. The devices are reasonably priced, considering the advantages they offer. Lasotronix is clearly a brand leader in this segment. I wish them all the best.