Dr. Shalin Dubey

The “bottom” disease, which has been the most neglected fields of research for minimal invasion treatment, is undergoing a rapid change. The pre-procedure settings and the patient data backup make this device easy-to-use and handle.

The availability of accessories such as the surgical proctoscope, fistula probes, sinus punches at a reasonable cost, gives Lasotronix a big lead in the field of surgical laser devices. Their service back-up is excellent, and the promoter is well-qualified to explain the operations of the laser devices.

The Promoter certainly looks like a champion in the field of laser knowledge. They have a good team to cater to the doctors’ queries and needs related to the operating the laser diodes. They are aware of the most technicalities and the features of the lasers. Lasotronix organises the best training programs for proctology in India.