The One Secret To Outsmart Competition Among Hospitals & Clinics in Customer Driven Market

Last Saturday, over a glass of wine, I was discussion with my mentors on ferocious Business Competition in general. Heat of the topic was so intense we ordered another glass of wine to cool us down. My old-time mentor shared some quick example. He said, Facebook put Orkut to dirt in no time. Ola took over taxi for sure, and wiped off thousands of small players. There are numerous such examples. And if you closely examine one common factor that helped these companies to outsmart competition… Since you run your own clinics, you would agree – it’s the “Customer Experience” . For doctor, it’s the “Patient’s Experience”. So how can we immediately offer a superior customer experience, if other factors remain the same? “Leveraging Technology”. See I am not judging your intelligence. Knowledge, Experience, Wit and Charm – no tool and technology can bestow. However, leveraging world class technology is the most immediate method to offer Superior Customer Experience. And there are numerous case studies of international standard that says Superior Customer experience is directly proportional to outsmart competition and improve profitability. Probably this is also one of the major reason doctors are now shifting to Laser technology. Simply because now you cure the same problem with – Minimal post-operative pain, minimal scar, minimal invasion, minimal trauma and minimal blood loss. Infact patients have now started demanding Laser treatment. And they’re willing to pay for it. Would you be interested to astonish your patient with a superior technology-driven treatment? And if you treat Varicose veins and Haemorrhoids & Fistula with conventional methods here’s real startling news for you. Lasotronix Smart M offers you accurately suitable two versions of radial diode laser 1470nm and 980nm turning the entire procedure safe, simpler and economic.

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